Our Lord Does Not Leave Us Alone

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<sup>from the desk of</sup><br>Pr. Becky Hand, MDiv
from the desk of
Pr. Becky Hand, MDiv

Faith Fellowship Church

Train children in the right way, and when old, they will not stray. -Proverbs 22:6
Take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is
the word of God. – Ephesians 6:17

The class I’m taking this semester is call “Catechesis” which simply means teaching or instruction, especially Christian instruction. I’ve learned a great deal in the course and one of the things that repeatedly comes up during class is the importance of catechesis or teaching in the church.

As my instructor, Dr. Steven Hein, says, “You have a death problem.” We all have this problem. Once you are baptized, you belong to God and the devil wants you back. He is sneaky and tricky, and he’ll do what he can to snatch you out of life in Christ and return you to the land of the dead. You either die and live with Christ, or you just die. This sounds pretty grim, but it is true.

An additional truth, however, is that our Lord does NOT leave us alone to fight this battle. He is with us, he guides us, battles for us, and prepares us. He prepares us through his word, his promise. Remember how Jesus defeated Satan in the wilderness? He quoted scripture. The Word defeats the devil. Therefore, we need to be constantly filling our spirits with the Word. We need to feed on the goodness of the promise so that we are strengthen for the battles. We need nourishment of the Word just as we require nourishment for our physical bodies. We don’t eat lunch one time and think, “Shew, I’ll never have to do that again!” No, we need to refill our physical tank often. Likewise, our spiritual tank requires feasting on the Gospel. Knowing who we are because of Whose we are takes some constant reminding.

Christian education is important for our children to give them a solid foundation of Whose they are and to prepare them for the spiritual battles ahead of them (that children face starting in elementary school.). Older children need to feed on the word and continue learning so they can attach meaning to the words of Christ they memorized when younger. Adults need continued education to be able to synthesize scripture with itself and with our daily lives. In addition, adults need to teach their children and grandchildren. We are never too young to start learning God’s word and promise, nor are we ever to too old to learn at the feet of our Lord.

I encourage you to look at the educational opportunities we have at FF (see on this page of this newsletter), and beyond, then belly up to the table and dig in! The feast is set and the nourishment is life-giving!

Pastor Becky

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