Happy New Calendar Year

The Pastor's desk
<sup>from the desk of</sup><br>Pr. Becky Hand, MDiv
from the desk of
Pr. Becky Hand, MDiv

Faith Fellowship Church

As the ‘high’ from the holiday winds down and routines return to whatever “normal” is, we can catch our breaths and settle in for another year. But let us not forget the reason for our celebrations, the purpose of our living.

As I enjoyed the process of watching a Christ Christmas yard decoration being built the fact that it was Advent was not lost on me. This little rough stable reminded me, looking back, of the history of the first Christmas, and looking forward, of the expectation of Christ’s return. This is what Advent is all about.

It also made me wonder about the actual stable in which Christ was born. Someone or ones, possibly many years before, did the work to build that structure. Perhaps it was hewn in stone (there is speculation of such) or perhaps it was fashioned together with wood as our manger scenes depict. Either way, someone did the work. Someone developed the plan and executed the labor to bring the barn to life. Whoever that was likely had no idea what would one day happen in that place. The Almighty Sovereign Lord would stoop down to us, in the most vulnerable way possible. That barn would hold the Creator himself. God’s gift to humanity came in human form in that structure, built by someone.

You are a someone. You build structures too. They may or may not be physical structures, but you have built a home, maybe a family, relationships, safe places, warm places and places of joy with family and friends. These are all places that house the Creator. God continually gives himself to us, coming to us exactly where we are.

This is your God. The Almighty Sovereign stoops down to you, to lift you up. This is the “normal” in which you live.
Blessings for 2022. God’s peace fill you to overflowing and his joy remain in your heart forever.

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